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I named my first phone Julia. It was my best friend, my connection to everyone and how I communicated with my friends and family. It was always by my side , ready for any adventure I had in mind. It let me know whats up in the world.

One day, I had just woke up and found her on the floor with a crack down the middle. I was  devastated to see this. I was furious because I had just taken off my  screen protector, 3 days ago. It was dusty and  lost its stickiness , had this annoying bubble in the middle right in the spot that I wanted to click, so I took it off.

About a week later, I saw my dad cleaning his old car. He never usually does this, so I asked him what was up. He told me he was preparing it for a Ceramic Quartz Nano coating. This coating would protect the finish, repel water and shine with 3D depth in the finish , in the sunlight. My dad never worked on these types of projects and I asked, why was he doing it himself.

He told me he was at the Car Wash and had asked about  Nano Quartz coatings. The manager told him that after he color  corrected the car and clayed it, he could  apply Nano finish ,that would last for year for  $750 or one that would last for 3 years  for  $1500. 

My dad,  the old cheapskate he  has  always  been, starting researching  if he could  do it  himself. He found a  factory in Turkey  that  sold  do it yourself kits and ordered one right away. While he and  my sister applied this DIY Quartz Ceramic Nano coating, I asked if I could use it  on Julia. I had just replaced the screen and  I didn’t want it to break again. He said, sure it could work on your  phone. The Ape strong , glass that was on your phone was probably at best 5H and this could  bring the coating  hardness up to 9H in  just minutes. 

I had no idea what that meant, and I just knew it would help. I started researching what it meant and I found out that is was a  simple way to  apply protection to my  phone. I could apply it over and  over again for a strong protection that would act like a shield for my phone. This shield would take all the abuse and damage to its  coating without  hurting my  phone  directly.  I still continue to use  a protective cell phone case  that  can help minimize drop impacts. I feel  more comfortable that the screen is protected with a  “hard as nails” coating.

I hope you can see the benefits of a few  drops of liquid quartz. It is as strong as concrete and used in buildings to strengthen concrete to  withstand extreme forces of  nature.  It gets stronger after a few days and you should let it fully cure for a day.

Thank you for  reading  my story and helping save Julia from  future damage.

Complete your screen protection by ordering now. We are a global and full-service provider of innovative products and resellers in New York and around the world. While our prices are lower than most suppliers, you can trust that our merchandise is still of premium quality.

Instructions for  use: 
Our product bonds to the glass at a molecular level and creates a film 1/500th the width of a human hair. It is completely invisible to sight and touch, and does not deteriorate the quality of your display. All you have to do is clean, apply, buff.. The application process takes approximately 10 minutes and then your device is ready to use. And, although you can use your device now, we still require 24 hours for it to fully cure for optimal protection

    1) Clean- Clean your device thoroughly with the included cleaning wipes. We don’t want any fingerprints, dirt, or remains of any dirt on your device. If the device isn’t clean, it will prevent the bonding process, so make sure it’s nice and clean! Scrub if needed with Alcohol to remove any residue from a previous screen protector . Then, let the device sit and dry for 2 minutes.

2) Apply- After you let the device dry, apply Nano Quartz to the glass screen of your device with the application cloth provided…..don’t forget the camera .To apply, simply rub 3 drops with the application cloth on the glass for about 60 seconds. Then, let sit and dry for about 3 minutes, its best to allow the coating to dry over night without additional handling. At minimal allow the Quartz coating to drive for at least 30 minutes after removing any excess from the glass

  1. Buff- Nano quartz will leave a slight haze on the device surface, To buff, use the small microfiber towel included then buff out the haze on the device until there is nothing left but a clear shine. Finally, let the device set for approximately 4-5 minutes before use. Keep the microfiber towel for future use to buff out fingerprints, wipe off dirt, etc. After device has set for about 4-5 min.’s you can use your phone, however it requires 24 hours to fully cure so avoid any unnecessary contact with your phone for the next 24 hours

Some users experienced some issues when applying Nano Quartz after the removal of an existing screen protector. When a screen protector is removed, it leaves a residue of adhesive material on the screen. As our product works on a Nano level, it requires the screen to be completely clean. The cleaner provided with Nano Quartz isn’t designed to remove such adhesives, which if left on the screen, will negatively affect the material to bond correctly with the glass screen. If you have removed such a screen protector, please ensure that you have thoroughly removed any trace of the adhesive, prior to applying the Nano Quartz Screen Protector. To demonstrate whether the Nano Quartz liquid has bonded correctly to the phone screen surface, you can perform the water droplet test. After applying Nano Quartz and allowing time to cure, place a droplet of water on your screen. The glass should now exhibit a hydrophobic quality, causing the drop to remain in a ball shape that easily runs off the screen when tilted, as opposed to flattening on the surface of the glass Please note, this is not the case in every situation pertaining to existing screen protectors, as we have had successful bonding in these situations as well. 



In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately 



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